IO 1

Stakeholder Analysis and results from the operational implementation of the course

The activities will run through the entire duration of the project and its objective is trifold:

1) Identify the relevant stakeholders that will form the participants’ pool of the project. There are three categories of participants: Postgraduates and research personnel from academic
institutions, professionals and professionals who work on adult education. The target groups will come from all the partner countries.

2) Through a focus-group research, the expertise, existing skills and needs of each target group will be identified with the purpose of incorporating them in the other outputs of the project and particularly in the mechanics of the board game. Furthermore, special attention will be paid to cultural and identity backgrounds. This will facilitate the partners in the project to either incorporate them as is in the board game or if this is not possible to develop variations of the board game appropriate for different target groups and /or countries (Italy, Germany and Greece). These first two activities will take place in the first months of the project.

3) After the implementation of the game sessions in the final months of the project, data and results will be gathered. These include feedback from the wrap-up sessions (after the game), measuring the impact of the game to the participants and mapping the different behaviors that were observed.

Leader of the output will be Kompass, who has extensive experience in training and education, from offering training and education for the unemployed, providing start-up consultation to Frankfurt’s large migrant community, promoting entrepreneurship among seniors, to consulting economic development institutions on training interventions for entrepreneurship across the EU. Assistance will be provided by the teams of TBG, Sapienza, UoM and AccessPoint.

The final report of the output will also serve as the basis for future expansions of the project beyond its normal duration.