IO 2

Theory of Project Management

The ebook will provide the formal theory of Project Management. The ebook will include aspects of Problem Definition, Objectives clarification, Risk Analysis, Gantt diagrams etc.

Furthermore, the book will contain mathematical techniques that are useful in Project Management (PM) such as Critical Path Analysis, Linear Programming etc.

The expected impact of the output is to help students understand the theoretical foundations of PM and at the same time formalize the knowledge of professionals. The book will be in a format that can be easily downloaded from the project’s website and will contain interactive material that can facilitate knowledge acquisition and grounds theory to real-life scenarios. The material will be freely downloadable from the project’s website.

Leader of the output will be Sapienza as it can rely on the experience in project management education accumulated over several academic years of Management Engineering master’s degree with the Project Management course hold by Prof. Nonino; moreover, Sapienza has also activated since 2013 and Advanced Training Course in Project, Portfolio and Program Management, during which it established strong relationships with professionals and teachers in various project management topics. Sapienza will be supported by UoM, SYDIC and TBG. The organizations (UoM and SYDIC) have relevant expertise in project planning and implementation, especially in European projects, thus giving a pragmatic approach besides theory. The third partner (TBG), on the other hand, has strong knowledge in business and project management theory due to the type of topics it treats in education and training context with the aid of simulation and game learning.

Intellectual Output “Theory of Project Management”