IO 5

Simulation Models

The output IO5 will deal with the development of simulation models and the main interface of the interactive learning environments, which will ultimately serve the purpose to develop scenario analysis and decision making skills by exercising in a consequence-free Project Management environment.

This output will help participants to better understand the principles of Project Management (PM), its underlying dynamic structures and issues, including (but not limited to) how intrinsic structural delays can affect the project performances, how counterintuitive decisions can worsen them, how risk analysis can mitigate extreme events, how properly managing delays can minimize disruption of the work activities, etc.

Specific elements of the output are:

  • The identification of mechanisms affecting the project lifecycle and performance
  • The identification of causal relationships that identify and determine the main behaviour over time of the project
  • The development and testing of simulation models
  • The development of an easy to use interface

Furthermore, the Interactive Learning Environments will enable users to:

  • Simulate multiple runs
  • Visualize the results of their actions
  • Be able to design and test management policies under uncertainty and the presence of multiple stakeholders.

The innovative aspect of the output is that the ILE can be used independently of the project, thus as a teaching tool that can be embedded also in other PM courses and hence whose value runs through and after the duration of the project and can be transferred in different contexts and teaching environments.

At the following link you can find the Simulation Model inside an interactive learning environment provided by isee Exchange: