IO 3

Operationalizing Project Management (PM) in a game-based learning process

A document that will contain a deep analysis of the best practices in PM, in the context of various standards that are currently being used around the world (for example PMP, CSM etc) is created created. The document contains deep analysis about the standards and discussions on their use, their underlying approach, examples of how to acquire certificates, their key contents
and their peculiar characteristics. As a result, the participants will get to know the various certifications and the techniques used in them. Furthermore, the outcome of the output will
facilitate the partnership to decide if the board game will follow one of the standards or will try to incorporate the main aspects of the most important ones without adhering to using the
approach of only one.

The document will be in a format that can be easily downloaded from the project’s website.

Intellectual Output “Operationalizing Project Management (PM) in a game-based learning process”